woman_arms_upWelcome to Colorado Health

and Wellness Center!


Our Mission:

“We practice an advanced form of Body-Mind-Spirit integration that helps our practice members turn pain into Progress.”


Our Vision:

“Embodied space for people to live in expansion and abundance.”



People in care not only get out of pain, they develop an increased ability to listen to the subtle cues from the body/mind. This allows them to make healthier choices and changes in their lives.


People in care experience the freedom of a greater range and expression of emotions.  This allows them to not be overwhelmed by their experiences but to act more from their authentic self.


People in care often find themselves changing lifelong habits and patterns. This allows them to let go of the past and develop new strategies and resources for healing.


People in care often experience a deeper connection to their authentic (True) selves and to other people.


  • Get out of pain!
  • Find safety and healing beyond what you can imagine.
  • Your body is not separate from your life!
  • Experience a deeper connection to yourself and others.


How does it work?

When we experience stress and trauma in our lives that we cannot fully adapt to, the body holds this inside and continues to “fight it off” or run away (fight or flight). This is a normal response to stress, however it is only supposed to last no more than 20 to 30 minutes. This fight to flight response when held in the body causes changes in our ability to fight off disease, digest our food, sleep, heal etc, often leading to pain, anxiety and depression. In the long run we disconnect from our bodies and our lives, leading to pain and disease as the body’s way to try and help us connect, adapt, and heal.


 How do we do this?

All of our services here at Colorado Health and Wellness Center are focused on helping you heal at the deepest level while gaining enough resources and safety to transform stress, pain and symptoms into growth and evolution.

Come in for you initial consultation where we will design a treatment plan for you based on your health goals.

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